Lynda Hydamaka


Registered [Master] Therapeutic Counsellor  & Educator

Are you tired of suffering?

Do you feel hurt, angry, sad, lonely, disconnected from yourself and/or others most of the time?

Do you feel like you have done so much work on yourself and then something triggers you and it all comes flooding back?



Unresolved experiences of trauma from childhood, as an adult, or it may have been witnessed, ongoing or deep-seated, can leave you feeling like this. It can be exhausting and overwhelming just to get through another day. Does this sound like you?

You don’t have to suffer the consequences of traumatic experiences alone. I can help you move forward…

For more than 10 years I have been successfully providing counselling for clients with a wide range of issues. My passion is working with people who have deep-seated trauma based issues that continue to affect them in their lives today. I am in awe of the resilience people have and am honored and humbled to sit with, support, guide and witness the healing that can take place by simply being heard.

I draw from skills grounded in Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Body Centred Therapy, Mindfulness, Compassionate Inquiry, Imago Dialogue, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lynda Hydamaka