About Lynda

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars
— - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have gone through many difficult times in my life both as a child and an adult. As a result of these life experiences there were times when I felt isolated and alone in the world. I also felt angry, sad, scared, confused and overwhelmed. I had perceptions of abandonment and betrayal that made it very difficult for me to trust people. I did not feel connected to myself or others.

Going through the family court system and simultaneously caring for and raising a child, as a single mother has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. As a result of the ongoing court proceedings I experienced PTSD symptoms daily. I had difficulty eating, sleeping and concentrating. I was facing financial hardship and I lived in fear. It was hard to get out of bed in the morning, and face the day.

It was difficult for me to reach out for help, but I did. I drew upon my knowledge of psychology, lifestyle coaching and my strength as a competitive athlete. I used running and being in nature as my way of re- connecting with myself, and I sought counselling to help me heal from traumatic experiences. Both played key roles for me to explore my unresolved issues and view my life differently. Counselling provided me with a safe and supportive environment to explore my experiences. I learned coping skills and strategies to help regulate my emotions and see my life ahead of me through completely different lenses. It helped me move towards living fully in “today”.

“No matter what modality we use, the goal of trauma treatment is finally to be ‘here’ and not ‘there.'” ~Bessel van der Kolk


Registered Massage Therapist & Registered [Master] Therapeutic Counsellor

I graduated from the B.C. Institute of Focusing in 2004 and am registered with the Focusing Institute in New York as well as with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists in British Columbia. I am also a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist & Complex Trauma Counsellor and Trainer, as well as a Certifying Coordinator for the New York Institute of Focusing.  I graduated from the Justice Institute of British Columbia in 2014 with a certificate in Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma. My gentle, implicit approach to counselling is client centered, and body centered.  My practice includes childhood and adult trauma, PTSD, dreams, relationship issues, separation, loss/grief, anxiety, depression, burn out, life transitions, and family court support.

I am an active advocate and spokesperson for Access to Justice (A2J) in British Columbia. I strongly believe that everyone has a right to equal access to justice, regardless of race, religion, gender or socio economic position.  I have spoken on this topic at public forums, educational lectures, and online learning.

Everything has a crack in it, and that is where the light gets in.
— - Leonard Cohen

In addition to counselling, I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver B.C. in 1988. I have been in private practice since that time. Over the past 29 years + I have developed my manual skills through post graduate courses and daily hands-on practice in order to expand my knowledge of the human body. I am committed to ongoing learning and educating others.  I often refer to myself as an eternal student. I taught, nationally and internationally, for the St. John Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy for 10 years.

Prior to Massage Therapy, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and my Master’s Degree in Lifestyle Management, from the University of British Columbia.  I was a Lifestyle Coach and private trainer for the general public, varsity university teams, and national team athletes, before continuing on to study Massage Therapy.

Outside of my two private practices, I am busy planning and organising an adventure trip to an exciting part of the world, or I can be found on the ski hills, golf course, running, hiking, biking, kayaking or just being out in Nature.